Blog 109 – Break Up Vent 

Actually no. Fuck you.  Some people think they don't create ripples when they come into somebodies life but they do. Like quakes with an epicenter, don't forget that nobodies unshakable. If you think that others don't hurt then you're under qualified or ignorant to reality. Here's a story about a girl who came into mine.... Continue Reading →

Blog 108 – Addicted to Being Busy

I sometimes think that people are genuinely just being busy for the fact that they enjoy being busy. The consistent type the ones that like to fill their schedule with everything other than making meaningful relationships with others. It's not just the serial extroverted either, what if somebody told you that everyone is just being... Continue Reading →

Blog 107 – A New Blog!

You can visit the new blog here! WHAT WE SEE So you may or may not know that we've recently started a new blog called WHAT WE SEE. It features a whole range of different voices from people within the community and shares a little bit about their stories. The goal of the blog is to... Continue Reading →

Blog 106 – Spring to Life

In this discussion, I summarize what the first half of this year's blogging has been about. What the experience has contained and what lessons have been learned on my part and what ideas are to come. There are a dozen reasons why I started this blog. At first, it was all about putting tabs on... Continue Reading →

Blog 101 – EMOTIONS

Somebody told me today that at least 600 young people in New Zealand last year took their own lives. That we have one of the highest rates of teen suicide per capita in the entire world yet we are a country known for its social diversity and positive lifestyles. I'm here to break it to... Continue Reading →

Blog 100 – REST

Something that sparked up a bit of conversation between me and my friend Sam this week was the importance of rest and the power of sleep. After walking nearly 50km over three sessions of walking we kind of resorted to talking about well-being and discussed how rest was something athletes do beyond the sport. Something... Continue Reading →

Blog 097 – Interlude

Kia ora & welcome to this end of June briefing. For those who aren't aware, this July I will be completing a bike ride across the north island of New Zealand from Wellington to Kaitaia (1100km, 660mi) to raise funds for VOYCE Whakarongo Mai which is an independent advocacy service for children in care. What... Continue Reading →

Blog 096 – Ride On 

So these words are from a late night of both travelling and studying. Studying for what should be my economics examination but wasn't. This is a short story of the perceived failed lifestyle that so many of us inconsistent students often face.  You see, there is nothing liberating about studying. Some people just don't learn... Continue Reading →

Blog 095 Flatting

In any living environment, the thing that we value the most is our own space. Space to do whatever we want. To cook, to clean or to listen to loud depressing music eating a sandwich in bum pants. For sure, flat life has it's up's and downs but I guess it's how you mould those... Continue Reading →


Today's discussion is about giving up drinking alcohol. Not your regular alcoholic confession story but better worded as a design direction statement more than anything. The reason I say design direction is because I see myself as a product of a whole lot of successes and mistakes. Not all necessarily all my own fault but... Continue Reading →

Blog 091 Cycle For Children Update Four

This July i'm doing a charity bike ride from Wellington to the top of the North Island of new Zealand which is roughly 1100 km in length. These updates are a measure of training progression as well as updates on general stuff like planning and preparing. The ride itself will take 7 days to achieve... Continue Reading →

Blog 089 Weird Is Good

I guess there is a moment when you realise you've not been so honest about what decisions you've been making with yourself. When you come to terms with the fact that not every characteristic about you is necessarily healthy. With that in mind, it delights me to talk to you tonight about my little long... Continue Reading →

Blog 088 Life is Beautiful 

Today's challenge is to focus on the good stuff going on. Not to focus on how horrible hard work is, not to think about persistence and commitment. But to only focus on how fantastic things are. To only remember what is good in life. Today's challenge is to be focused on the thing that makes... Continue Reading →

Blog 087 Hard Work & Lots Of Noise

The next challenge I want you to set for yourself is to do whatever chore you decided you couldn't do from last time. Take that chore and do everything in your power to talk yourself into doing it. I want you to time yourself. Look at the clock at the top right hand corner of your... Continue Reading →

Blog 086 Bravery & Persistence

Today's Challenge: I want you to think about what one thing that challenges you physically from doing that you have always wanted to do whether that's running a marathon, swimming an ocean mile etc. The next thing I want is for you to actually ask yourself if you can do it or not.  What is... Continue Reading →

Blog 085 Growing Up

I guess I've reached that stage in the year when I've decided that it's time to rest up and reflect on the year so far. In light of recent events heading back to Wellington to continue studying, personal matters and the creation of my blog I think it's time we slowed down a notch and discussed... Continue Reading →

Blog 083 Back To School

Today's discussion comes from a different light. With the traffic returning to the city as students swarm in the thousands to their flats/apartments and halls of residences. The stress factor is reintroduced as assignments and hand-in's are usually due the two weeks beyond the holidays. Coming with these are seeing friends again, catching up with the... Continue Reading →

Blog 082 Shit at doing Vlogs!

Yesterday I was riding my bike around Wellington city looking to find somewhere with good light and great location so that I could shoot my first video to reflect on my training progressions in preparation for my charity bike ride this coming winter. It was raining, getting dark and traffic was busier than usual. The whole... Continue Reading →

Blog 081 Cycling On NZ Roads 

Today's chat comes from the view of a cyclist who uses New Zealand's roads to get from A to B. We'll cover the basic principles of riding solo versus riding in a group and we'll also discuss the difference of opinions in the eyes of motorists who infrequently respect the safety of those on skinny... Continue Reading →

Blog 080 Working In Retail & Hospitality

We all know what retail assistants look like three hours before their shift ends. The meta-smile, can't be bothered-ness seeping through in conversation. Weary legs and a hangover, four hours sleep without breakfast, trashed the house and unmade bed, student loan and a job in retail that hardly covers lunch costs. Yeah, living the dream.... Continue Reading →

Blog 078 ANZAC DAY – Now Vs Then!

Though today’s conversation is aimed at discussing how propaganda is still alive and well in today’s economy, I would like to emphasise the significance of lives of those lost. That ANZAC day is important because it serves to commemorate the lives of those who passed away and not a day to blame people or a... Continue Reading →

Blog 074 Jealousy & Paranoia

NOTE: Another long conversation, and yes I know, another heavy topic. Sitting in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday afternoon, I thought today might be a good day to reflect on two of the most vicious feelings we ever go through as individuals. Jealousy and paranoia. While this is not in reflection of anything... Continue Reading →

Blog 073 Letting People Down

On A Lighter Note... You know, it's not so great to think sometimes that all of your problems might be central to your belief systems. How you treat other people, how you draw pictures, what you perceive to be morally right, what clothes you decide to wear when there's a formal occasion. This conversation covers... Continue Reading →

Blog 072 Urbanism Versus Ruralism?

WARNING: Foul Language and A Shit Tonne of Bitching.  Moving back to Blenheim for the Easter Holiday period gave me a quick glimpse into the ruralist lifestyle accommodation that only two months ago I was so used to. It really shines a light on socio-economics and how much of a contrast there is between the two.... Continue Reading →

Blog 071 Cycle For Children 2017 Update One! 

Kia ora, my name is Mana. I'm a nineteen-year-old youth advocate from Blenheim studying Public Policy and Architecture. I'm also a whangai/adopted child and run my own blog. 😊 During the next university break from July the 10th-17th I'm riding my road bike from Wellington to Kaitaia (Via New Plymouth and The Great South Road)... Continue Reading →

Blog 070 How Not To Be A Dick?

  I guess this conversation covers family values and what that looks like for Generation Y (The Millennials) and how they are in many ways less confined by social normativity’s like getting a trade before 20, starting a family by 30, working to resolve a mortgage by 40, grandkids by 55, calling it a day... Continue Reading →

Blog 069 Easter Holidays – A Vlog?

After a week of finishing Essay assignments, I have sailed back home for well-earned easter holiday with my family. While everyone has been eating chocolate, going ten-pin bowling, spending time camping, I've been working tirelessly to create some epic content for readers to grab hold of. Just kidding mate I've been sleeping, ten pin bowling and... Continue Reading →

Blog 066 Sailing Rough Seas

This chat is in literal regards to the fact that I’m currently traveling across the Cook Strait between the North and South Islands of New Zealand. The discussion is particularly about learning that independence isn’t everything. That home is always a place where maximum support should be given. It’s a birthright that too often we... Continue Reading →

Blog 065 Biking To New Plymouth 

So begins the next challenge. A challenge to myself to try and see if it's possible that my little legs can manage to squeeze through a mammoth distance on a bike with pedals. The challenge is to bike from Wellington all the way up to New Plymouth using nothing but my legs, about ten coffees,... Continue Reading →

Blog 064 Lack of Individuality!

20 Minute Read Today's conversation is a little less miserable in comparison to yesterday's. It is in regards to an epidemic amongst the millennials of today. Not your influenza virus cross contaminated variety but more adjusted to the likes of your everyday conformity. I'm talking about a psychological normatively. I'm talking about the need to... Continue Reading →

Blog 063 Life is Extremely Precious

Warning: The contents of this blog are explicit, it contains comments about abortion as well as sexual assault that may disturb some readers - 30 Minute Read. Here is the perspective on abortion from a childless boy with experience in the care system of New Zealand. I want to note that this conversation is only... Continue Reading →

Blog 062 What Can We Take Out Of A TV Series?

20 Minute Read SPOILER ALERT - Thirteen Reasons Why - TV Series plot exposure. There's something to be learnt in everything. Through our daily battles with finding answers to the many questions that never have spoken answers. Television shows offer us an alternate universe with a lot of life lessons which we can take onboard... Continue Reading →

Blog 060 The Art of Letting Go – Part One

At five years old, my teacher told me that my creativity was endless. That my drawings were amazing, something she always let my parents know in my interviews. They were the first sparks that there was more to the story than another fleeting brown kid who'd probably never amount to anything tangible. Somebody invested in me... Continue Reading →

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