Blog 024 Missing Home

By Mana Williams. 5 Minutes It’s true, I’m missing home. The epic feasts put on every Sunday, the coinless washing machines at home, the 8:30 pm movie nights, The Chase playing after work, Dad yelling at the dog to get out of the kitchen. This blog is in regards to shifting away from home and the […]

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Day 023! TV Today?

By Mana Williams. 5-7 Minutes  Plagued by unimaginative closed sourced business enterprises like Sky Television and Freeview, what does the future hold for Television? This blog chats about the progressive evolution of the TV and where it has come to and also the problems television is causing our generation today. Sky television is a significantly stagnant business, unchanged […]

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Day 022. Sleeping in. 

By Mana Williams. 7-10 Minutes  Today’s chat is about letting you let yourself have a decent sleep in. Who doesn’t love to sleep in? It’s liberating, especially if you have a job or someone is expecting you to be somewhere but you took that extra “ten minutes” (hour) to gain some more sleep hours and […]

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Day 020! Shifting – Part Two. 

By Mana Williams 7-10 Minutes  In this segment, I want to look at the period before shifting, and no I’m not referring to the procrastination stage. But the time when you say goodbye to your loved ones and social groups. Beyond the normal routine where the guard comes down for a brief moment. Do you […]

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Day 018. Shifting – Part One. 

By Mana Williams. 13-15 Minutes  In three segments I want to explain the process of shifting. The first discusses packing up and leaving behind luggage associated with relationships. The second part focuses on a lens which looks into the transitioning process of leaving. The third looks at arriving somewhere completely new, and the connections you […]

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Let’s talk. 

By Mana Williams. 2-3 Minutes  Every once in a while it’s not uncommon for me to take on a new challenge. Something that at times makes me really struggle but equally is really rewarding. This blog has been designed to express how I feel about certain topics like family, politics, the economy, relationships and general […]

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