Blog 003! A Bitch or An Idiot?

Is it time for more structure? By Mana Williams. 13-16 Minutes 

Here goes…

When Senators and Judges come to a collective agreement on the misappropriated policy enforced by a governing administration, you know something is up. With global leaders rallying to dispute travel bans as ‘questionable’ and in more extreme cases ‘racist.’ You can imagine a democracy to disperse in chaos. So why doesn’t it?

At the end of 2015, the Republican Nominee received a mere 19 percent of the popular vote for office as The President of The United States. On the lead up to the election date, many people were left scratching their heads wondering how this “man” could have made such a dramatic comeback. “He speaks his mind,” and,”He tells things how they are.” Both common phrases when asked why supporters drew breath for the man. As the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was being battered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, about claims of her misplacing of 33 000 emails. Many of us outsiders were left contemplating the severe mistiming of an investigation at such a crucial time in her campaign. Come 9 pm on November the 9th 2016, New Zealand Time, a President was elected. Although there were millions of people around the world wondering how the hell this happened when you put it into layman’s terms it’s quite simple.

A Bitch or An Idiot.

I remember sitting at my cousin’s place on my birthday last year checking my Facebook for posts about the election. People posting, “How the heck did that just happen?” Walking around a small town in New Zealand that evening with people wandering the streets and coming home from restaurants we started to ask people how they felt about the new President-Elect.

One man responded, “He seems like the lesser of the two evils.”
A woman responded, “He is disgusting, he treats women with no respect.”

Fast forward three months and the Inauguration has occurred. One of the first decisions made was that The Secretary of Education would be Betsy DeVos, a multi-billion dollar women with minimal experience in dealing with the many concerns of a growing country. One Senator during the Secretaries Senate preliminary public debate on approval votes of DeVos listed the many concerns that the Secretary has to consider in this role. “Over one hundred thousand appeals have come in from all over the country regarding the disapproval of Secretary DeVos.” After explaining the intricate details of six individual letters sent in from the public, the Senator continued to express the many responsibilities that the new Secretary of Education would have to be accountable for. The Senator stated that “One in Five female students in the United States will or have received some form of sexual harassment while at school.” That The United States Education System is failing their children and that the new administration has a responsibility to control and lead their country by protecting their kids.

This is not dissimilar from the current difficulties New Zealand faces of child abuse and the failures of a system to act on and bring a stop to domestic violence. The difference being is that these afflictions are occurring in American schools BY OTHER STUDENTS!

The Senator continues to explain the responsibilities DeVos would have… Stating that Bullying is a severe concern within the United States. The Senator then continues by talking about the concern for the lives of the LGBTQ community, making mention of the rate of suicides within the United States as appalling. “A student who identifies themselves as being gay is statistically three times more likely to commit suicide in America and twice as likely if they are questioning, based on statistics from 2016.”

Living in a Millennial generation plagued by suicide is a sensitive and tentative situation that requires diligence and understanding from a Senator who is aware of the social isolation and is adjunct to being humane. Buried beneath the fortune and heightened social status that is supplementary to the multi-billion dollar name of DeVos, what humanness does Betsy really contain? This is a subject matter that we can also apply to the  President himself.

What is the most significant difference we see between ‘Him’ and Obama?

Humane-ness, the ability to apply experience to sensitive situations, to show inspirational leadership in cases of difficulty. If Betsy DeVos is appointed the position of Secretary of Education by congressional vote. She needs to install trust within victims of abuse and teachers of knowledge. If The President is going to act like a President, he needs to show every forum that he is willing to be sensitive to any situation out of understanding and Humane-ness.

In 2017, The President of The United States applied a travel ban to seven different countries for ninety days based on the prevention of Terrorism. Thousands of legal green-card-holding migrants were refused entry into The United States. Families and loved ones gathered at large airports, such as JFK International in New York, protesting their family members be let back into their countries. Law firms from the city of New York encouraged their employees to do some pro-Bono work… So they did… Some of whom were pleading for their own family members through legislative means. Others took more significant action…

I was amazed to learn that Judge James Robart, a federally life-appointed congressional judge by former President Bush, took action against the new policy enforcing that essentially the policy was racist. I was more amazed to learn that this particular judge also made headlines when he presided over a case of excessive force of a police officer against a black person. Stating that “Police shootings (in the USA) resulting in deaths involved 41% black people, despite being only 20% of the population,” and that, “Black lives Matter.” The significance of this is not the controversy of the issue but that this man has shown, to a certain degree,  a level of human compassion that does matter.

The President later tweeting, with his tiny fingers, “Blame Judges and Courts if America is attacked.”

So to what degree does a dog get to bite the hands of its people? If the President was elected by the people how is it a functional relationship if he neglects the very people he was placed in that position to defend? If a system collapses because you have a President overruling a democratically operating country’s Justice Department, then how can you be sure that he is acting in the best interests of The Secretary of Education when they are dealing with the protection of at-risk kids or one in five female students who are being sexually harassed at school?

I remember a time of disillusionment when I would build a tower and break it down without any larger scale implications that maybe just maybe philosophically everybody has those same desires. Until he was elected on my birthday.

Put simply, the United States is responsible for putting him there, dispute that how you want, he is there. It is now your job to make sure the tower, your Federal Governing body and all of its Departments, do not collapse. By showing humility in the face of appalling atrocities. It’s the small acts of humane-ness that support a nation, not the legislatures and policies placed there to force structure.

“You see, freedom has a way of destroying things.”
Scott Westerfeld

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