Blog 011. What really matters? 

By Mana Williams

I may not have the credibility of a sixty-year-old married man when it comes to knowing what love is but Donald Trump doesn’t have the qualifications to be the president.

We all have a story to tell, but is it the journey that we care about or is it the view we had when we were at the top of the hill?

In conjunction with Valentine’s day, a large proportion of people tend to focus on being single, I guess today’s talk is succinct with this demographic. Although this is not a cliche about ups and downs if you are happily in love with someone, bare with us singularities for five minutes.

When I was in high school, I met a girl who was stubborn, fearless and really frustrating. She came from humble beginnings and knew how to argue her way into my not favorite books. Indeed a rocky Mountain to climb, in many ways, but we hit it off and kept it up for quite some time. To save the realists from a long unwinding memory, long story short we loved each other. But I ran away to university and she stayed living in our home city. This long distance stuff is like going off road on “the journey.” The only difference is that you’re driving blind and have no idea where it’s all going. Let me say it all goes pear-shaped very quickly. But when you take ten steps back from the rock slide of a relationship you had with a person you love. It’s still the same pleasant view and that’s the most frustrating part of all.

It’s funny because she is the wreck while I am the wonderful survivor but the best part is I can’t get in trouble for that last statement.

But there is a method of operation for all this madness…

When you meet someone who is real, who is there and who loves everyone equally. When that person has no ulterior motives but the one that puts your happiness up with there’s. Whose love is eternally well received? Whose life was set out before you were born? When you visit that person for the last time and see the undying love they share with their partner and the many children they had together. When you sit in their lounge and they are talking about cancer. The nitty gritty details about their funeral. When you walk up their driveway to leave and you can still see the immense love their husband still bares. When in that moment you know that this person will wait for their lover in the afterlife. That their entire journey, through every hill and over every terrain, they are destined to go home again. When that moment reaches your heart and you know that nothing else matters but the millions of moments they had with their loved ones in that journey, it all makes sense.

I was given a small taste of what love is like. I cannot begin to grasp what a lifetime of this must feel like. But I know that what my late friend felt for her husband and the love they shared was something eternally significant.

For me, that matters.

Just a Wednesday evenings thought for you guys. Thank you for checking in.

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