Day 022. Sleeping in. 

By Mana Williams. 7-10 Minutes 

Today’s chat is about letting you let yourself have a decent sleep in. Who doesn’t love to sleep in? It’s liberating, especially if you have a job or someone is expecting you to be somewhere but you took that extra “ten minutes” (hour) to gain some more sleep hours and then you were late, all because you were busy reading blogs the night before, right?

It’s good for you. In a big way.

I think it’s super important to take time out for yourself. I’m not appealing to my inner procrastinator either, I genuinely feel that by taking the time to sleep in improves your daily attitude. By getting to bed at a reasonable time and starting off the new day a little bit off the beaten track is good for you.

So why do we routine so much?

The working 8 am till 5 pm workforce conditions people to align their schedules to an early wake-up and sleep pattern because they think that it will let them beat the traffic and give them enough time to have a cheeky cup of coffee in the morning. But you’re trying to beat societies flow, not your flow. If everyone slept in, would the roads be as blocked? We are all different and we all have different body patterns.

Five o’clock in the morning is my favourite hour. When everything is still and only a trickle of cars lick the feet of the motorway. Everyone’s resting, and there are no standards. Trudging down to Macdonalds in bum pants and jandals without giving a single McMuffin about what anyone thinks. The difference is, at five in the morning, nobody cares.

If we all sleep a little longer in our mornings, we will more likely grow up feeling more energetic, more enthusiastic, with a healthier outlook on matters of life, and we might probably be less grumpy in the morning.

How cool is that?

To improve our relationship with other people all we needed to do was sleep a little longer, wake when our body says wake, even if the compromise is being late to work, late for lectures, late for an appointment, just late for anything.

But let’s talk about being late. Late for who? You’re not late for yourself, go and apologise to the people who were affected by your apparent lateness but don’t take it out on yourself. It’s not helping at all by caving in on yourself whenever you are late to something, it just breeds more of a need for liberating. I’m not usually on time. That’s because I’m not stressing myself out trying to race through traffic just to go out for a coffee, just for a man to lecture me at the front of an auditorium, just for a customer to ask silly questions. I would much rather spend my time sleeping in.

That Sunday morning feeling, like Maroon Fives old song. “Driving slow on Sunday morning,” granted it’s a song about waking up in bed with someone on Sunday, but we all have those feels when we take time out for ourselves at least on Sunday, like father’s day! When we are well rested and wake up with a better attitude, incrementally more energy and have lower expectations for our day and thus lower standards.

What impact would that have?

Our relationships with other people would be less stressed, we would be more inclined to say yes to random opportunities, and we would be more productive.

That is this morning’s random thought for you.
Thanks for checking in.

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