Blog 029 One Month!

By Mana Williams. 5 Minutes

Four weeks yesterday was my first blog. Since then much has happened. We’ve talked about financial independence, self-value, politics, history, architecture, restaurant experiences, love motivation, sports politics, what a martial artist is and many other crazy cool things! But where has our February gone? This chat looks at my journey so far blogging and where it is likely all going. Each day I aim to help people gain something. Different contextual materials with similar lessons. In the hopes that one day I might actually know a little bit more than my old self.

To sum up my main lessons:

  • Self Value and Independence concerning financial independence and not giving into marketing techniques.
  • Deep love for family and friends. Looking at what that means.
  • History and how we can apply their lessons in today’s climate.
  • Burying the hatchet on matters of social politics so we can move on.
  • What it’s like Living in Christchurch and Blenheim.
  • Creating a foundation for a new home.
  • And the psychology of shifting.

There’s a lot to be said about the various adventures I went on over the last month but to sum the overall structure I would have to say so far it’s been half and half talking about experiences and talking about feelings or theories about different things. Something awesome I’ve learned about doing this work is that I am able to say whatever I want to say. Which is pretty awesome.

Where to from here?

Over the next few weeks, I will be looking at getting back into the swing of things at University as well as carrying on with the great battle of learning how to make time for people close to me. I’ll also look into some more architectural blogs, I also want to look at what it’s like to live in Wellington, what it means to practise martial arts and maybe a testimony somewhere once I get into a more comfortable routine. One step at a time, one day at a time, one blog at a time. I’m thoroughly enjoying writing, though, it mean’s a lot that plenty of people will spend ten to twenty minutes reading my gobbledygook. March is absolutely going to be a hugely exciting month so please keep reading and please keep giving me feedback!

As always!
Thanks for checking in!

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