Blog 034 What is Music to Me?

By Mana Williams.  15 Minutes

From Minaj to Beethoven, what is it that makes music so seamlessly a part of who we are and how we get through our daily slog? What does it do? What is it’s purpose? What even is it? Today’s chat focuses on something a little lighter, it talks about how I feel about music and what it’s been able to change in my life and gives a little lens into one or two examples of where it’s made a significant difference in my daily.

I remember when I was struggling with rejection issues as a kid, not really sure what my fit was. The pre-pubescent years when a few reality curtains got pulled down. The very first steps I took on my journey of growing up I guess. Music was an ideal way for me to express how I was feeling at a particular time. The way I could speak without speaking. Affirmation in the artistical sense. You could say it was the tussock grass on a distant beach that provided enough coverage and privacy for me to build a boat and set sail to this ridiculous rollercoaster life that I’ve had so far! Which is pretty epic.

So what does music do?

Now I’m not qualified in instrumental acoustics so you can’t quote me on any of this stuff. But I’m still going to say it. Music is the vibrations our ears pick up on. In no particular order, we grow in an atmosphere buzzing with music. Even with unpropagated stuff, like bird song, like the noise rain makes on a tin shed rooftop. It’s all music to our ears. As we grow up it becomes easier for us to manipulate how we listen to music. From the car stereo to the volume of the television. Music is a drug for broken people, and we all have scars especially if we aren’t aware of them. That’s not a bad thing, though. It has become something we can rely on and know we have privacy consoling in. Something to feel at ease in, whether that’s after a hard days work, or if you are struggling with your homework assignment due in on Monday morning. That three and a half minute ‘you-track’ is there in your pocket waiting.

It’s more than just a way of expressing how you’re feeling.

Music is a way for us to reflect on an occasion or a moment. When one of my close family members passed away, I remember the song that was playing at his funeral and the message that was reflective of what he would have been saying. When the memorial video played in front of all of his loved ones and friends, I still remember the curtains in the mortuary, the people who spoke on his behalf. I still remember everything that was important to him in my life and that song really enlightens our relationship. Music is a memory, it gives us something to celebrate about even if we forget. In conjunction with appealing to all people, it also gives us a way of recovery lost files.

When it’s a rainy day…

Something we can use to reflect on our week, that can take us out of the mess of our day. It’s been used this way for hundreds of years. In church, singing is a form of worshipping God as a means of expressionism and prayer. Every week I go to church because I can feel the realness in the words people sing. Even if they struggle to mean what they preach I still know that in that space, the emotion behind wanting to sing and wanting to express how they’re feeling male or female is a way for that person to relax within themselves and reflect for that one little tiny moment and become more content with themselves. I’m certainly like that! Sure, I struggle with the meaning behind the worship song but we will talk about religion and God another time. Having faith in myself to know that music is expressive of how I feel and the indifferences that I’m challenged by in my week.

What is it’s purpose?

Genre-language based communication. Some songs are about love and affection, others are about death and the destruction of the establishment. Some can be more passive like the love of Jesus, others might be more reclusive and solemn like classical instrumentals. These different categories are a way for people to align what they are listening to with how they are feeling. Like Spotify, which is an open sourced online music channel, can be searched using a genre filtering navigation tool. it allows us to search up songs based on what kick we need. In essence, that is the purpose of music. To give us the kick that we need in different emotional situations. 

But it’s not always doom and gloom!

It doesn’t always have to be for broken people either! Saturday night flat parties with all of your friends and a few extended mutuals dancing on tables and laughing about nothing can be fun too. Using music to enjoy others company. I remember when my friends and I were in Intermediate School at our school ball listening to Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party in the USA’ blaring out from the speakers. Now I will admit it’s not a memory that I am hugely proud of… But it was still so much fun and it’s hard to take anything away from it. Just because it was so much fun!

I guess that point I’m trying to get across here is that we use music as a source of enlightenment. Something to connect us up to how we want to be feeling or a tool to learn something we didn’t already know. To celebrate a memory we had once or one of loved ones. To worship in church or to get crazy on the dance floor with. Music in many capacities is something that’s become people of all sorts.

This is today’s melancholic chat, I’m really loving the support that I’m receiving through this work. So again I have to say a massive thank you to everyone! As always…

Thanks for checking in…

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