Blog 039 Apartment living isn’t home

By Mana Williams

Today’s chat is much more informal, we’ll look into what makes home so special, and why city living tends to take a lot away from the genuine character building stuff that hard work maintenance jobs around the home facilitate. This is probably a chat my mum would really love, but I’m not going to talk about the weather of Wellington being terrible so that optimism can take a seat. Towards the other side of this brief chat is a small discussion piece that asks for some feedback and looks at asking you for your feedback.

So how does city living shape up against living at home?

Although your clothes are still the same, the days still have as many hours and the familiar faces you know as friends remain the same. The idea of flatting in a city environment is nothing like living at home. Mum’s amazing pancakes on the Sunday morning, Dad’s terrible dad jokes and pet smells, all make home this sanctuary for family. With the likes of apartment living being this really intense consistent monotoned sound of car tyres on the freeway, or the midnight road sweepers, or the emergency sirens at 5 am. The livelihood of flatting in the city tends to be really compact and bustling. Living in a city apartment styled complex is really noisy during the weekends too with flat parties going on like no tomorrow. With the large majority of teens living in the same sort of neighbouring areas due to rent costs as well as the vicinity to University campuses, it can be pretty communal at times too. With friends flocking to the one house with the television set or the one flat with the crazy party atmospheres or the flat with the best cook etc. Relative to home living, the closeness to your friends place can be markedly closer and is really useful you need to borrow a toaster or iron your shirts. It also gives you close vicinity to your girlfriends place. The environment created by the noisiness is really full on at times and for some people frustrating if they have classes in the morning or go to a different university. When it comes to the cost of living within a city atmosphere, the costs of essentials and the cost of food greatly differs,  depending on where you I’ve at home or the whereabouts of where your city flat is, for me I know that the majority of convenience stores and even supermarkets can be really expensive. This is obviously because well… where else are you going to get your milk from? In comparison to having to put up with the noisiness and the expenses of living within a city based flat setup to the warm, pet smelling comforts of home, flatting does come second best.

So what’s good about flatting in the city?

With flatting responsibilities comes more independence, which is pretty good right? The ability to be able to go and buy as much junk food you want, and it only being around the corner. It’s pretty great being able do almost whatever and it not having some serious consequences that your parents would probably frown on. The ability to be able to get really happy with your friends, be pretty much as noisy as you’d like before midnight everyday. The ability to be able to go out at night on the longest walk imaginable and not get told off when you got home at 4 am. The ability to have you music playing as loud as you’d like without any significant telling offs the list goes on. There’s also a huge opportunity for self growth and individual development. When you have to put up with your own nonsense after a period of time it becomes easier to get accustomed to certain things about yourself that you can’t be bothered mustering up all of the energy to fix it just for someone else’s benefit. Things like fashion, food expectation, and certain unbearable emotions can fall by the way side.

So there’s definitely a huge compromise made when going to live in a flatting situation instead of the comforts of home. Whether that be because you are having to get up early in the morning or if you really miss mum and dad and need some emotional support, living in an city flatting situation can have it’s downsides.

Today’s chat is very short but this is so that I can continue to open it up to conversation. Tomorrow’s blog will be really intense so look forward to that. Thank you for reading and as always…

Thanks for checking in…

Daily Blog: 11:00 pm NZT

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