Blog 043 What Is Passion?

By Mana Williams Eade    10 Minutes

I must admit that I am really tired from completing yesterday’s blog. Only now is it starting to hit me that this mammoth attempt to blog for 100 days straight is really really hard work. But if you’re passionate about something, it should never seem difficult, right?

Today’s chat is a quick reflection of how I got into writing and is much less intense than yesterday’s talk. I need to stress that writing is not my passion, my passion is understanding people at a really deep level that I can learn from, writing is my best skill. In today’s climate, the art of the pen (or keyboard) has become the way to make a significant difference. The international language of which people speak. Luckily for me, I was already really good at analytical thinking and was already very creative in my writing abilities.

So What Is Passion? 

From my point of view, it’s the drive to finish something even though nobody but yourself is asking you to. It’s the ability to bike up the steepest hill alone and suffer for no apparent reason. It’s what makes some people shine by themselves when they’re doing something they are passionate about. Try and recall the last time you finished a project from your own steam. A project that wasn’t being marked and wasn’t being judged by nobody but yourself. Did you feel proud when you did it?

Whenever I feel proud of something positive it immediately reinforces that habit as being good in the long term. But it’s not always good that sometimes people are passionate about something because they experienced defeat. Trying to mend certain bridges when times were tougher. I guess that can be considered as being an advocate. Somebody who can provide advice on systems that they have experienced slip-ups in. Somebody who has experienced the trauma of a moment and wishes nobody the same level of pain.

From time to time I run into people who have circumstantial passion. The kind of person who goes way further than just to ask if you’re okay. The person that would wait up for you at midnight after your relationship fell apart with a cup of tea in hand. The type of person who grows inside by helping others avoid the same shit they had to go through. The type of person who will answer the calls will come crash at yours and be the loudest advocate for children on the face of the earth. These people have passion too.
What Is Passion In My Eyes? 

For me, passion is being able to teach someone about the love and affection of family. Passionate about social growth, to be able to learn empty your cup, stop being a stubborn b***h and actually be willing to take on the advice of others.

Did you see the featured image at the top of this chat? Of course, that’s why you came here in the first place! I love my dog, his name is Boxer. Not because of the breed but because dad named him after his car’s engine, the Boxer… I know, how romantic… But my dog is a part of my family. Home-life is something that I’m really passionate about advocating for. Because love is grounding. It shares insight into how we can be there for each other, how we can learn to understand a difference of opinion to find a common view. Because I was smothered in love by my aunt, who is my adoptive mum, I was able to receive all of this precious insight into how important family is. Mum probably doesn’t even know to what extent these lessons do for kids. But for me, this is what passion is.


Build It And They Will Come.

Take this stand of avocados for instance. There is no cheeky avocado holding tray beneath this pyramid of precision.  Do something that makes you feel valued. You don’t have to listen to the shit of others to tell you what you can and cannot do, within the parameters of the law let’s not be archaic here.

For me, passion is a huge motivator for all of this work. I love helping people recognize when they are being lazy, I guess in the small steps of this journey still but overall it’s all about the process of reaching 100 days. Until that day, passionately waiting. 

This is today’s small chat. Am still resting from the weekend’s massive effort. But I am so thankful for each chat and each reader so thank you again!

Thanks for checking in…

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