Blog 045 Religion Vs. Christianity? 

By Mana Williams   10-15 Minutes


I guess this is more of an opinion based chat because there’s just so much to be said about this subject. For me personally, I feel that religion is often used by people to feel a part of something bigger than themselves. Christianity is a sub-structure and is used as a tool to recognize truth and is a journey that proclaims the knowledge that no human is perfect and that there is hope through being grounded.

Within today’s chat, I will really unpack my perspective on how Christianity is used for good. To do this I will define religion and Christianity at a basic understanding, analyze other people’s views on the topic, and then come together at the end with a nice wee analogy. Let’s have some fun…

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The journey so far…

I am a Christian and a believer of God on the journey to finding out what that means. For the purposes of this chat, I will try and divulge more about my faith in a way that is agnostic to be as unbiased as possible. Agnostic meaning somebody in-between. If you would like to open this as a conversation for a later time please drop a comment down below.

Though it is amazing to celebrate God and to celebrate a belief system. I want to clarify that this chat in no way insinuates that one religion is better than another. It’s a place of mutual discussion, not to put down somebody for their opinions. Glad we cleared that up.


What is Religion?

Let’s make a few distinctions. Religion isn’t a very liberal concept. Religions are human-made belief structures built to align our lives to the way a superhuman God, or God’s, might prefer people to exist. Super, to acquaint the notion that their deity is above or knows more than any human and therefore people must conform to suit their criteria. The authoritarian structure historically has been used to bargain a person’s liberation for a set of guidelines enforceable by faith law and occasionally a method of political manipulation in the past.

Although I think that there are many positive lessons that can be taught to the kids about decency and discipline. I also believe that freedom is a right that should be provided and accommodated for based on an individual’s needs rather than the belief that a person must conform to the beliefs of a god.

Looking at the word from others’ perspectives. 

“I think religion is a strange concept when Christianity is overlaid….it seems to denote a practice of rules rather than a lifestyle or a belief system. Religion forces uniformity.”
– Chris Manning, life-long Christian.

It’s not really about religion. It’s about relationship and eternity.”
– Bonnie Russell, life-long Christian.

“If you’re a part of a religion whose doctrine actively serves to discriminate people based on traits they can’t control then you’re a douchebag.”
– Jesse V.L, Agnostic Christian.

13450207_1147012765351688_5618627264865940156_nCredit: The Street Evangelical, Christian Church.

How does religion differ from Christianity?

Although Christianity certainly does encompass a few representations of the term, “religion.” Christianity is inherently different because it bases its lessons on practical functions such as a journey experience rather than countless speculations of mythological interpretation.

It is a walk rather than a bus ride. You are more than welcome to go it at your own pace because Christianity is based on the life of a guy named Jesus, who lived and walked a lifetime before being crucified and coming back to life. Treated as a walk rather than a bus ride because you are responsible for the direction and your own journey instead of a pre-packaged experience with restrictions and a glum view of the world.

In my opinion, Christianity does so well because it is a translated belief system based on the life lessons that we can relate to every day. The translation is vital in recognizing that we don’t need to suffer within the confines of an artificial structure designed by humans to withdraw our liberation and substitute it with a list of rules.

Christianity encourages the confession that you’re an idiot sometimes… And who doesn’t need a bit of moral support from time to time?

There is much to consider about Christianity that is good. The ability to create a vibe that allows people to humble themselves in a church and be vulnerable in that space without barriers in place to avoid emotions. Building a structure that allows people to feel grounded by the recognition that not anyone of any demographic is perfectly blended with the equal footing of god.

Churches accomplish a sense of being grounded by looking at truths within our lives that hold us back from being at our capacities. These truths cannot be argued with because they are true. Although from time to time it’s not weird to hear an extremists opinion on The Scoop NZ or the likes of NZ Herald. Opinions are only factual through evidence.

So What Does It All Mean? 

At the end of the day, Christianity promotes individual development and freedom of belief. It’s not a system that gives a lot of people arbitrary powers but instead seeks out equality and liberation. Free to express yourself in a way you desire whilst maintaining that nothing you do will ever stray you from your journey. Nothing done will ever cost the love of god if you and so inclined to believe.

This is today’s thought, I really love this notion that church is a grounding place because it provides freedom of expression without the social normativity. It’s something I’ve been pondering on a daily basis lately just trying to work within that thought and build an informed opinion of how religion and how Christianity operate to create this system where people can come and be who they want to be. Ultimately, I want to learn how to apply that to any daily scenario where I can be more genuine and more honest just in the conversations I’m having with people and with the interactions that might cause me or somebody else any grief. I think looking into that and deciding how I can build myself up fro the inside and apply my learnings from Church would be a huge growth for me personally. Otherwise, thank you for this very all over the place chat!

Thanks for checking in…


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