Blog 047 What Are Some Solid Study Habits?

By Mana Williams  10 Minutes

We all have our own way of getting a study done. Some people’s ways work better than others when you take them on board. Stepping back from the rigmarole of University life. This talk strips down some healthier study tips than the ones I’m currently practising. In the hopes that it serves as a personal reminder of how to set aside a few hours before kicking into gear and plan out a way that works for you. In today’s chat, we’ll explore the different goals I’ve set and how those fell over really quickly, but will also talk about social expectations and how it contributes to the need for procrastination.

You can do it without using your weekend.

My first major assumption when starting into my first-year architecture was that I would be able to get through university without once using my weekend time. I was hell bent on making sure that I didn’t use the weekend for school work because it was simply not an option whilst working a part time job. You’d get home from the long haul at work at 10 pm on a Sunday evening and then kick back into some solid Netflix only to realise you have an assignment due in at 12:30 pm the next afternoon.

The horrendously steep struggle street marathon to get through a sustainability project over the line quickly saw to it that my weekend-less school-work goal was a reality no longer. I know it’s harsh but try to give up on that idea. University is designed to test your ability to learn. But the ability to learn isn’t in the devil’s detail it’s in its font style and word count. They make it hard practically by setting these ridiculous assignments during ridiculous periods of time to make you prove that you are willing to push the bar between what is and isn’t comfortable.

I later found that working on projects through my weekend was almost expected. That’s because it was. There is an expectation that you work for 2 hours of every lecture attended, or thereabouts. If you had 4 lectures in one day, then you would be required to sit 8 hours of study time.

That’s a 12 hour day, without food, without making money at work, without a life. Combine that with Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at the same sort of tempo and you could understand that studying is almost a full-time job that requires a whole week entirely dedicated to this predetermined realization that you really don’t have a weekend to use to go for a surf or to go for a bike ride.

I’m intentionally being a drama queen. because it’s tough out there. When you have three assignments due, in a space of two days, you and everyone around you are sick to the bone whilst a southerly breeze busts down the street during winter, you’re stressed out by the lecturers cheek of pulling a cheeky one-liner, it starts to make sense to you that it’s not or ever will be a walk in the park.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 3.24.53 PM.png
Above fig.  WHATMANASEES Instagram

Take Some Time Out For Yourself.

It’s not this way in the real world. Establishing some healthy study habits, like time management, and resting often made a huge difference for me. But the biggest difference is that I’m noticing that I get way more productive when I focus on things that matter to me, like this blog.

I remember when I was out on a careers open day last year. I was talking with an architect about his typical week and how his days are constructed. His answer was that his weeks were only 40 hours long because he was only paid for 40 hours of work per week. After his 5 pm beer with his boss, he was commissioned home and that was that. He explained that his university years were a real struggle, particularly towards the end. But in the real marketplace and in corporations, staff who earn a salary and contracted to work a particular amount of hours in a week. He urged the importance of taking time out for himself during the really tough periods of work because they gave him fresh ideas and new knowledge.

What we’re getting at here is basically is simmer down. That it is important to carefully plan out your study habits with a fine toothed comb but to also take the study with a grain of salt that the workload will be different in business but without you time what even is the point?

Being yourself is more important because life is more beautiful that way…

That’s the end of this little rant. it’s ironic because I’m writing this piece at 3:12 am on a Tuesday after having missed an assignment deadline… Go figures. Asides from that I just want to say…

Thanks for checking in…

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