Blog 057 So Far… So Good? Two Months!

This is a reflection of my second consecutive month of blogging and how I have grown since that crazy midnight rush of just getting it done. There are not many things it can safely be said where growth occurs in such a small period of time. Growth is in many ways this awkward progression from making realizations that you might have been wrong about something and that only through consistent reflections can a change be noticed. In many ways, there have been lessons which have been taken on board over these previous blogs that have changed my processing of ideas. It’s not every day you can tell yourself that you’re proud of accomplishing something.

The last month has been a really busy period for me. From shifting to a new city and constructing a new schedule all the way to saying a speech in front of my countries Prime Minister in Maori, it’s been a month of sorts that’s for sure. From creating interviews with other really powerful advocates to marry my blog with experiences that have come to a close. To raising awareness for social anxieties. Talking about the most basic stuff ever and creating an epic rollercoaster ride out from it has shown me that there’s a story in everything. That there are lessons to be learned through everything.

My passion for blogging so far has been a collection of so many things that I value hugely and to be able to share them with you in thematic ways using different subjects has been really interesting to watch. I always perceived blogging to be this basic process of throwing words onto a page without realizing that there is so much variation that is possible using blogging as a tool to share experiences with other people. So many ideas popped up from it like creating a podcast, creating a mobile app that would increase the traffic on my site.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many people actually read each blog because from such a small period of working within this niche space has created my belief that there is always going to be an opportunity in reporting and blogging. That there are many avenues which are pursuable in the future beyond blogging, such as writing for a magazine such as Salient. Which is a student-based magazine that focuses on projected the voices of students who work hard to produce content which people will be interested in? The idea was sparked after a wet Thursday between lectures three weeks ago when I picked up a weekly Salient and read the words “opinion” orientated sideways. That almost everything written in a blog is an opinion which is very occasionally backed up with factual evidence. That what was written within an entity such as Salient magazine was actually no different to the expressive dialogues held within my blogs. So looking to continue writing in the future, Salient remains on my radar.

As for my message. Unlike going to church on a Sunday night, my sermons don’t generally portray a very clear thesis statement. It is always a process of writing without a plan because, in essence, that is creativity. When I came up with the idea of creating an interview with Tupua, one of the founding members of VOYCE – Whakarongo Mai, I never could have imagined that my work would garner soo much support. I never imagined that a judge would later read the words pressed into this blog, it was an amazing moment.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 3.03.40 AM.png
WHAT MANA SEES Facebook Page

The creation of a Facebook page was a new addition to the progress of this blog. It was a place where each blog would be posted without my mainstream media forum becoming cluttered with endless blogs regarding every single blog, it’s almost as bad as taking a photo of my food every day! – Those days are over, unfortunately. By creating a Facebook Page for the blog allowed me to access larger networks of people who might benefit from some of the information that I was writing about at the time. With my passions being in informing people about various ongoing situations nationally.

In the past month, there have been a few occasions where the blog was specifically aimed to raise opinions and cause people to listen to a little closer. After a conversation, it became more obvious that the blogs needed to be something that I would actually love to read, no matter how busy I might have been. That by creating content that was interesting ultimately drew the most people to view each blog. The number wasn’t important so much was the service. Spending hours each day trying to wave my magic wand into the air and create a piece that would deliver my message across to unsuspecting individuals was truly the most humbling experience for me. That by sharing my knowledge with people regardless of its validity actually helped me value my own opinion a lot more. This added confidence would let me write even more controversial stuff, e.g. Sex Before Marriage” and “Pride (LGBT).” These conversations were an immediate reflection of my growth and appreciation for people’s time. Those busy humans like my mother might not take any interest in a blog regarding what its like to live in Christchurch because they already knew. By adjusting to more serious issues such as homelessness, or student debt, would create a better discussion for a lot more people.

My experiences from outside fo the blog have influenced the way in which I have been writing. From random weekend trips up to The Coromandel Penninsula to rants about sleeping in remedying the fact that I was feeling sorry for myself, all help lead me back to a few basics. The love f my family is always my primary focus. Whenever I would sit and struggle to come up with a piece, the reminder that there is an entire family of amazing people who live in a place called ‘home’ would support me no matter what. My reflections have been able to grow me from the inside-out. There have been times of recognition this last month where there have been battles fought to destabilize this constant nagging of rejection and going back to when I was eight months old to figure out where the root source to many of my problems actually lie. To understanding how being left behind by my parents at eight months old shaped my entire persona into a stubbornly reluctant individual who always has to be right nearly all of the time.

These major shifts in perspectives have brought about a change in scenery that has done some wicked shit over these past few weeks. My relationship with myself has improved dramatically, although I’m still working on the sleep properly front, and the manage your time and love life episodes have been left a little worse for wear in some places I’m afraid. My blogging has done tremendous things for my relationship with my wonderful girlfriend though. We have flourished in ways simply unimaginable. So beautifully and it excites me inside to see where it’s all going in the future!

Writing blogs isn’t all rosy and fun though. Like all things, it takes a lot of hard work and commitment to be able to sit up at 2:00 am on a Thursday night reflecting in silence typing up a storm and actively enjoying every letter typed. In saying that I have to admit that I am a few days behind schedule simply down to the fact that some of the blogs have been harder to write than others. When I did my interview blog, I was simply blown away by how amazing the work was that I may have gone a bit far to suggest that the work is made even more elaborate. As this went on I began to realize that the blog was started to take priority over University. That’s when I stopped and checked myself out to make sure that I knew what I was doing this for.

Looking forward to the future is a massive opportunity to continue growing and gaining more support from various readers, which is pretty cool. Pouring more soul and work into answering some really tough questions coming up. My main focus over this next month will be to become more routine with how I blog and ensure that none of this is treated as a chore, but more like a hobby. Something I can do without even thinking about it. Hopefully, it will condition my brain so that who knows how many blogs I might make? 365 blogs? We shall see…

But what I can tell you is this. The work that I am doing makes me proud every time I press publish. There is so much work to be done, baby steps. Here’s to another jam-packed month full of blogging!!!

Thanks for checking in…

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