Blog 067 What If I Did A Charity Ride?

In conjunction with planning to ride my bike from Wellington to New Plymouth over the course of two full days in the saddle, came the idea that there might be an opportunity for me to fundraise money for a local New Zealand charity. I won’t name the charity yet as this is an idea gauge to see how many people would actually support this. It’s a really massive opportunity and it would really motivate me to get up to New Plymouth whenever I bowed my head with the urge to wave down every car the passed me.

Depending on how my training rides go it’ll be a case of looking forward to the event and figuring out how far I’m willing to go and if maybe it might be a challenge of heading beyond just the town of New Plymouth but further northwards to the likes of Auckland or even to Whangarei or to see my family in Paihia. Who knows?

  • During the mid-year break, I travel between Wellington and New Plymouth. The trip would take around two to three days depending on the weather in 379km.
  • I would look to ride further to Auckland. Taking a further two days ride to complete at 381km.
  • Depending on how much energy I have left. Ride from Auckland to Kaitaia taking a further two days to complete 333km.
  • Along with my journey, I would rest in Auckland for a day. Covering over 1000km in 7 days.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 1.18.36 AM.png

This is by no means a holiday. It will take a lot of money to complete. But it will also take months of heavy training in the lead-up which will mean heavy bike camps, plenty of new bicycle equipment like computers etc. I also would like a reasonable camera to video from as it would be a grand stepping stone from these regular daily blogs into something more substantial as a vlog perhaps?

I estimate it to cost:

  • $250 for bicycle maintenance. Servicing, new components.
  • My old wrinkly helmet needs a do-over. $199
  • Hi-Visibility gears. $100
  • Food:
    • Bars and energy gels. 2 bars, 2 energy gels per day. 4 gels/bars per day x 6 days = 24 units. (est. $3 ea) = $72-80
    • Fruit and nuts. $40-60
    • Meals along the way, $100-200 (7 day period) Snacks.
  • Drinks:
    • Water = free bro!!! Unless visiting a petrol station then maybe $4 p/b.
    • Zinc Tablets (Prevents significant cramping). $30
    • The Secret Sauce! Gatorade Red!!! powder form = $15 (What a steal mate…)
  • Also, need a new bike computer to GPS everything without needing my phone due to power limitations. My Garmin burned in my brother’s car, which got stolen! -$350?


  • I will also need more significant stuff such as accommodation in Whanganui overnight. Anyone?? Hahaha, I can do the dishes really well!
  • Accommodation in Hamilton as I would try and go really far on the third major day of riding. This would be greatly appreciated!
  • It would be nice to have a place to stay in Auckland as well during that time but no expectations on that one.
  • Accommodation in Whanganui would be awesome too, as it will be too far to ride for me between Auckland to Kaitaia.
  • The last leg of the journey into Kaitaia I don’t think will have availability to fly in the late evening back home to Wellington so again it would be hugely well received if there was anyone in Kaitaia willing to top n tail with a by then very smelly Mana.
    • If there is nowhere I would estimate motel prices to equal roughly $500-600. Being a poor student that figure seems like a huge challenge by itself. So I would appreciate beds wherever they appear!
  • Not to mention flights from Kaitaia to Wellington which might cost a bit more than a coffee + scone combo from Starbucks. – $200 + bike stuff.


  • Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 2.38.56 AM.png

Riding To Raise Funds For Children. 

While getting to see a few of the main landmarks within the Northern half of my country, it is also important for me to say that this ride is for the children in New Zealand who even though there have been amazing things coming from the new vulnerable children’s ministry, it’s important to note that this is definitely no happily ever after. For so many children there are still much larger issues taking precedence over their lives. The new ministry in which held the voices of young people in care accountable for advice to the minister, such voices included my own, will still take five years to roll into motion. Before these kids receive the system that they deserve nationally. It’s important for us not to dance around acting like we cured cancer because it will take time for these young people to get what they actually deserve. Which is consultancy, which is a voice against those who don’t give them one? Which is cultural recognition?. This is possible through the likes of VOYCE-Whakarongo Mai is a youth-led advocacy service for the youth of new Zealand by the youth of New Zealand.

Any small amount of funding raised in any capacity is still an aid to those who need it most. While I say that I need all of these “essential items” it’s important for even myself not to get too caught up in the money aspect but more for the focus, which is raising money for the taonga tamariki of New Zealand.

So in a way, this is a pledge from me to you to make sure that I carry this momentum from Wellington to Kaitaia. That I ask you to keep close and keep showing the support you’re already doing! It’s amazing to see this blog blossom through views and through coments made privately just in support of it which is amazing!


  • Mid-Year University Break (Post-Exam Period-Dependent)
    – 11 Days, Monday 06/07 until 17/07.
  • Trimester Two Break (Post-Exam Period-Dependent)
    – 14 Days, Monday 28/08 until Monday 11/09.
  • There is also the Summer Holidays but that’s too easy!


Stay Tuned for my training updates and let’s make this shit happen! And as always…

Thanks for checking in!

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