Blog 087 Hard Work & Lots Of Noise

The next challenge I want you to set for yourself is to do whatever chore you decided you couldn’t do from last time. Take that chore and do everything in your power to talk yourself into doing it. I want you to time yourself. Look at the clock at the top right hand corner of your screen and remember those digits. Remember the date because that was the day you decided to do something practical about it.

From there remind yourself of your impossible goal and convince yourself that you can do it. That it is possible and that you will be able to reach a point where you can. With all of your strength and wisdom, focus on that goal. Remembering the time, tell yourself to keep pushing and keep getting through all of the nerves and beyond all reasonable doubts. 

  • Convince Yourself to do the impossible chore. 
  • Remember the time and date.

The next discussion is in regards to working really hard to achieve daily life stuff, like getting to University on time. Like making it through your work day shift. Like hiking across a lofty mountain, whatever it may be. We’ll look into hard work through a discussion surrounding consistency and decide what makes us tick.

Let’s face it, nobody actually wants to do hard work. But we know that if we want to get anywhere it takes a dash of talent and heaps of hard work. Everything tells us that it takes work to get anywhere. In physics, the definition of work is to impose a force on a system causing it to move. So in layman’s terms, we’ve grown up to the tune that it takes a lot of energy to get anywhere. But what is the conversion factor and why do we regard hard as being the all to end all?

When something seems really impossible it’s generally because we think that a tonne of hard work needs to be done to accomplish it. Like solving poverty, child abuse, racism, religious indifferences and you would be right, it takes a lot of guts and a gumption for hard work from more than one person to overcome these things. But where do we compromise to still make a sizeable difference or at least try to do something about them?

We have to do something about it. These chores, like the dishes, training for some big thing we’re doing, it’s important to us that we do actually accomplish them and we know that. It isn’t a case of thinking to ourselves that we can get by with not doing anything because that’s procrastinating. If you think of any piece of work you have ever done in your life that you were proud of. A drawing, building a retaining wall, becoming more flexible, you would know that it takes some focus and a lot of hard work.

It’s also a question of commitment and how much you’re willing to commit to it. Soo many people say that it’s hard to find a job out there and that there are so many people looking to find work and that’s true. There are a lot of people trying to find work. But it’s never the finding the job that actually stops people from getting a job. It’s a whole lot of other things such as looking for a job that earns lots of money, looking for a job that is actually meaningful to us. We spend a lot of time gauging how much we might be willing to commit to the job.

It’s no different than doing chores or doing a huge bike ride. Asking yourself how willing you might be to commit yourself to accomplishing these projects actually shows the level of hard work you are willing to give. The attitude that needs to change is realising the task is too big and being realistic about it. Choosing a job that might be a little easy because it still pays and it still gets the rent paid. Washing rather than drying the dishes because you don’t have enough time to do both. Pushing back the time of your huge sporting event to allow yourself more room to train and prepare.

There’s’ a multitude of lines that can be drawn when you realise the task is something you might not be able to do by yourself and you need more help. When the project is going to take too long so you push the date back. The priority is not in recognising that you want to work but it is in realising you want to work hard and commit yourself to whatever project you have going on. And it takes a lot of effort and plenty of noise in order to do that.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 8.47.53 PM

Just yesterday morning I was eavesdropping on the construction workers outside my room ploughing away into the cement work in the parking lot behind our complex. The whole time I could hear complaint after complaint from the workers talking about how they hated working so early, how their manager was being a jerk and I couldn’t stop thinking about the noise. This inconsiderate 6 am prodding to my eardrums was like a drum and bass concert at wrong o’clock.

The considerate side of me was saying how those workers were the better half of all people. The one’s who get the ass out of bed at the crack of dawn without breakfast to stand metres away from this gigantic drill with a shitty boss and whiny neighbours yaking that it’s 6 am. So in essence what you could say is that these guys were the doers. The one’s not afraid to work hard in order to get paid. The one’s who weren’t looking for acknowledgement and weren’t asking for a reason of meaningfulness. They were committing to the task.

These workers couldn’t give a shit about their job. It was evident in the complaining. They were only interested in sleeping, eating and bitching about their boss. So what commitment do they have to the job? What meaningful cause were they looking for in drilling a hole in a parking lot at 6 am? None mate, they were doing it to pay their way. To earn money, pay for rent, pay for food and work tomorrow.

The argument is that not everything is easy. Not everything has to have the meaningfulness that you want to achieve but instead, it serves a purpose. If you want to go out there and accomplish anything significant it takes a significant compromise. That if you want a good job then you better bloody be good at working hard. If you want to run a marathon you need to be good at running marathons. If you commit yourself to hard work and are willing to make a lot of noise in the process then nothing will stop you from getting there.


Thanks heaps again for catching up! I appreciate the support. Tomorrow’s blog will be a little bit more specific than today’s we’ll talk current affairs.

Thanks for checking in!

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