Blog 089 Weird Is Good

I guess there is a moment when you realise you’ve not been so honest about what decisions you’ve been making with yourself. When you come to terms with the fact that not every characteristic about you is necessarily healthy. With that in mind, it delights me to talk to you tonight about my little long journey with becoming Christian and ultimately becoming a follower of god and why it matters to me.

Lets be clear, this is not some Sunday night sermon series to sell you a 90-day subscription with WHATMANASEES in God We Trust Series, but instead just give you guys a little bit of insight into my walk into becoming a follower of faith and also recognise how it has had an impact on my life and how it is still working very much on who I am becoming right now!

It all started about five years ago when I moved cities, made new friends and got into my local youth group. It all hit off after meeting some really interesting characters, sharing lots of good banter is figuring out what a quarter of the global population valued soo much, belief systems. The youth group wasn’t all for me though. It was a weird place with a whole lot of new vibes going on. A few weird conversations about some guy who I didn’t know or believed in and how he influenced and created the entire universe and knitted me in my mother womb, yeah there were plenty of weird conversation’s that’s for sure.

But my biggest benefit was that I wasn’t just another one of those stereotypical cookie cutter Christians because neither of my parents were practicing Christians of any belief system, my schools didn’t value the lesson of enforcing belief systems throughout education and my whole upbringing was based more on the “who cares just get on with it” a lot more agnostic system. Why that is significant I will explain in just a second. This was the first time in my life where a belief system, not religion, was ever really in my life. It was this massive breath of fresh air because it was so unbelievably intricate and has a history that predates the civilisation of New Zealand.

I learnt later not to define Christianity as a religion but instead consider it as a belief system as it became apparent to me that religion was more of human-based ruling systems as opposed to a celebration of a life and all the many things that it has to offer. That Christianity became a different realisation that in order for me to follow god it became more apparent that it was going to be a hard track to walk on. It was going to be a manual subscription that only myself and the other side would know how to coordinate.

What I mean by that is that I found that following God meant that it was only a relationship between myself and God and not the church or my friends. That while it is always important to love those people, it is equally important to remember that the relationship is only between me and God and not between some dick head on the television and my credit card details. That in knowing who I am and what my needs were would play a huge start in stoking that fire which would become a part of who I was now and who I am becoming.

Being brought up in non-conventional Christian ways has let me see this sort of stuff. has let me see through the bull shit, has let me feel more of a singularity. It let me feel that sense of weirdness when my youth pastor Liam started having those Jesus conversations during youth group. It started making me feel a bit more contrasted from the pack and that was really important. Being the weird one in a weird environment let me connect with God and let me follow a lot easier because I could dispute those areas where logic was originally more reasonable.

The next step was to participate more in church rather than youth group. The call came through when I was working one day as a produce assistant on my regular Saturday night shift stacking lettuces. A girl came up to me really randomly and just asked if she could pray for me. Okay so admittedly at the time I was more tired than human and so I spun around and said: “yeah sure why not.” So after she prayed for my existence and asked God to bring me into the church, I started bitching with my supervisor and carried on about how strange it was that this lady had just come up to me and professed some guy named Jesus to start working from within side of me and make me come to church.

Turns out she went to the same church as I already went to and it was really funny at the time but come to think about it the years of coming to church on a Friday night for youth and then coming again for the Sunday evening service was not such a coincidence after all. So anyway, that’s all fine and dandy but then after a while of going to church and a whole lot of circumstantial things going on it occurred to me that there was a whole community of friends and family which have inspired me, who have challenged me, who have made me into a person who could receive the gift of Jesus’ love today.

While you might be asking yourself what the heck this has to do with anything and that this story might not actually have any huge impact on your life it actually could. Because tonight I was sitting in church thinking to myself how incredible this really short but immeasurably important journey has been so far. To put my Jesus branded boots on and to walk that path to finding a bit more solace and lot more balance into an every unbalancing life. To accept that I alone am not strong enough to ever be enough for God has been the most humbling experience I have ever had thus far.

It’s weird thinking that everyone is messed up beyond repair and that there is a mechanic who has an unlimited supply of replacement parts for us. But anyway, that’s my random spiel on god for this Sunday, I hope you found something out of tonight’s conversation. If not keep looking, it’s all those random weird moments which bring a life of incredible opportunities which will shape and mould you. Stay safe and keep blessed.

Thank you for checking in!

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