Blog 090 What If We Had A Fully Cloud-Based University?

Cloud based computing – Allows people to connect via a server system that lets them connect and record information online.

Today’s discussion is more of a one-man rant than a civilised conversation between two people. The whole concept of thinking you are dumber than you actually are. It seems crazy that so many of us complain that school is hard that classes are dumb but is it more of a factor that our teacher is poor at teaching or is it that we are actually pretty thick to begin with.

Well I don’t think it’s the second answer. I refuse to believe that it is a result of being a bad student because time and time again it’s a real thing where a teacher loses my focus after a four hours of constant teachings. It doesn’t seem logical to assume that we are all bad students because it’s irrelevant to the personalities we all have.

I don’t want to make this chat a discussion on how university is flawed because we all know that university no longer or likely ever has correlated to getting jobs. University is designed to give people the opportunity to understand how to work. By giving deadlines, by setting tasks and exercises all in the aspiration to develop you into becoming a person who can be utilised into the workforce.
But if you’re like me and you just want to do your own thing and build a relevant lifestyle around that then how do you learn and how do you become a contributing member of society specifically if you’re challenged by a teacher who sucks at their job. Well it comes down to a few things, finding out how you learn best, and then secondly having the teacher show you how to do something by teaching you in a way you understand.

Staff are still confined to the shift work and hours in their day, they can’t make miracles happen and teach a couple hundred people. That’s why we have tutorials because they allow us to go into a space where there are fewer people and we can get the little pieces of information that the lecturer doesn’t necessarily give us.

But what if we didn’t even need tutorials? What if we could get all of the work we need to meet the requirements of university by doing them all at home? If we could work on the cloud based system, have access to all of our course resources, libraries, documents, passed examinations etc.

What if we could go into our desktop for two or three hours a day and manage our university life without even leaving home? Why are we confined to leaving our families, leaving our friends and support groups just to satisfy the needs of an old corporate entity named university who doesn’t even guarantee us any tangible real world benefits. It’s stupid.

Imagine if University was actually universal? If we could log in anywhere around the world and have all of our classes available with a short video with audio overs to help us learn as well as exercises within those materials to allow us to take part in an exam which was also online. If we could get to the stage where internet security was powerful enough to create trust between us and our university provider.

If we could get the ability to rely on our technology systems and came up with solutions I’m sure we would be able to find a way to make online based university courses a thing. Because guess what, they already are Harvard and Oxford universities both have access to cloud based university classes. I’m pretty sure I signed up to their architecture course this year but due to obvious reasons it was more out of curiosity and less out of legitimate interest.

Given the opportunity to sit down in your own time and digest the information presented in lectures rather than waiting for your lecturer to arrive and teach you in a way you don’t understand would be a tremendous tool to allow people with an educational service that they understand. It would make it easier to learn and it would make it easier to digest if all lessons were available online and all lessons were put in a way that a multitude of people would be able to understand rather than relying on the notes set out by a teacher in a smaller room to solve the bigger problem.

I think at the end of the day what’s more important than education is recognising within yourself that you are pretty amazing. It’s really easy to get into this unhealthy space of thinking you aren’t good enough because in reality you’re paying for education, you’re there to listen and to learn. So if you’re not learning then it is the universities responsibility to help you navigate to a state of learning. It’s not good enough that people should doubt their ability to achieve when they have been brought up as a human and deserve the right to learn and understand I their own time.

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re bad at something because you had a teacher who wasn’t able to teach you in a way that you could understand. That you could doubt the dignity you had left beyond the social drama beyond all of the crap. Just another thing to deal with thinking you’re no good at doing something.

When I took physics in my last year of high school I thought that I was no good at doing physics but what I didn’t take into account was that physics in itself is an extremely obnoxious and ridiculously difficult class to take in the first place. Let alone having a guy who really knew his physics but really had no clue how to teach.

Now I’m not saying it was my teachers fault for my apparent poor learning but instead I would use it as an example of the effects of not having a teacher who knew your capacities. While you could sit and say “well why didn’t you ask him after class” but that’s not the point. The point is to find a way which makes it a more functioning system as a whole. To make it a more efficient operating system that we can all relate to.

A University Without Classes. A totally encompassing Cloud-Based operating system that allows students to geographically study without the restrictions of leaving their families and provide them with a modern way of learning. Having a system where an online lecture only takes place at a certain time to ensure that students still remain dedicated to everyday tasks such as waking up, preparing themselves for their day and then making it to class on time.


You could also have group based exercises that skip passed the judgement and let people focus on what’s more important, learning your stuff. You could have a library online that lets you connect to the referenced book rather than having to pay hundreds to do so. There is honestly so much potential in using a web-based cloud system and the only reason it’s not currently existing in New Zealand is down to Privacy laws and general confidence in the network.

Let’s not dance around the cloud. The reason why university doesn’t already exist in this way, regardless of the internet being such a massive part of our day to day lives is because people are making big bucks off the transport industry, off the real estate, off the leasing contracts and all of the nitty gritty things that always seem to be the culprit. Effectively, it comes down to the money. So if you’re asking yourself “Why the heck am I here when I don’t understand a single word coming out of this guys mouth” it’s because of money. The only thing you can do, is tell yourself you’re awesome and speak up about it.

That’s been another blog from me, hope you’re keeping warm as autumn comes to a close.

Thanks for checking in!

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