Blog 104 – If you could write about the most important thing in your life onto one page what would it be about? By Mana.

My answer would probably be about the relationships that i’ve developed over the years of being able to. 


No this isn’t another mindless romance novelistic three hundred word blurb about my whole life story but instead, the massive change that one relationship has had on my life that I never imagined possible. One relationship in particular with a girl who changed a lot of things of which I will talk about today.

It all started in a church youth group when I was seventeen. This smiley girl who appeared chilled out and relaxed I quickly found to be an extremely stubborn and uniquely competitive character.

Someone who is as competitive as me? No way!!! Anyway fast forward two years, three break ups later and guess what? I’m still in absolute appreciation of the incredible lessons she has taught me.

She has taught me to be honest, or more or less. That lies have their price, often one that I couldn’t usually afford to repay. She taught me that I had massive issues with social rejection. That my mental health is adversely fuelled by the jealousy and anxiety of needing to be accepted.

Maturity to quit drinking knowing that alcohol was only the catalyst but learning to accept that my own faults were to blame and not the drink. Six months later and I am proud to announce that I’m still sober.

The biggest lesson that I’ve learned has been to be more humble. She achieves these amazing things and has overcome some incredible challenges. Has traveled the world to support the most vulnerable children in some of the most impoverished communities in the world. She has inspired less impoverished kids around New Zealand to help a good cause for the less fortunate.

Her achievements have taught me to be more supportive of other people. To get off my horse and help uplift others when they need help. When she has not been so strong or has been going through difficult times. The love I have developed for her has been out of the admiration of her resilience and strength as a beautiful person.

What it comes down to for me is love ultimately. She has taught me how love hurts. She has taught me how it grows and manifests itself in the smallest things in the world like a stupid plush toy, or something enormous like moving cities.

The reason she is the most important person in the world to me is that when people look at the person who I am at the end of the day, they will be able to say that I was a lover, not a competitor. That my connections with her and with my family were real. She has reminded me why my family is so important. Explaining her life and the struggles her mum went through made me understand what family actually stands for.

That they’re not a flailing flagpole in the wind that is just there to symbolize something vague but that they are hard working people who have had to fight every day so that you can have the life you’re living. A mum, a dad, a sister, a brother.

She has reminded me that while I might want to live in my own little world, there is always somebody to be grateful for.

Thank you for sharing this memory with me.


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10403939_629179043842514_2398963458328031306_o.jpg2012 – Christchurch, NZ

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