Blog 109 – Break Up Vent 

Actually no. Fuck you.

Some people think they don’t create ripples when they come into somebodies life but they do. Like quakes with an epicenter, don’t forget that nobodies unshakable. If you think that others don’t hurt then you’re under qualified or ignorant to reality. Here’s a story about a girl who came into mine.

When we fell in love we were defining wants not needs. A need to feel acquired, a prolonged reverberation of a soul under subjugation. An investigation against my invested interests into her characterization.

When I say “want” contrasted to your “needs” we could pin it up and say those wants really fell on deaf ears. All that you were asking for was registered as a desperate lumbering attempt to cause contempt.

Though you took pity on me when I came open-handed and broken hearted it was like a post-mortem to a relationship that had already passed away. It’s not as if you really needed me anyway. Somebody you could talk to, yes but only from within the confines of a bedroom.

Treating me like a religious deity, only preaching to the belief behind closed doors. Saying words like “I love you” when required or requested to seem profound or productive, just to continue to elaborate on your pursuit of adulthood.

This feeling inside that you grew to rely on evoked a reply that you won’t deny is full of lies. A construct mechanism you built to seem like you were independent was misconstrued and came out indifferent.

I thought I knew the real you… It’s like there was this barricade of procrastinated emotions closed behind a Damn you created and I fell for your tricks, your nonsense.

But the sun doesn’t shine on pity favors at 3:00am after town on a Saturday and we rebelled. The boys took charge after the affairs were revealed. A response to your lies and clarity from deceit. Family all shouting “no” friends ready to “go” out and pull me away from you, your lies and rejection.

They gave me a clarity of an image I could not develop. Missing pieces you had hidden from me in my blindness to a puzzle you’d kept shifting dynamically.

There were lies to your operation, said you were honest and that honesty was the priority but you made me the minority by controlling me but now I’m strolling free and nothing’s stopping me because I’m over thee I’m outies finally.

Dabbing on them haters. I ain’t no bitch, chef.

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