Blog 007! The balance talk… 

By Mana Williams. Today I want to talk about Balance. My experience with fighting for this idea of balance and trying to accomplish it in some form. Take a seesaw for example. Some crazy optimists out there like to think that balance is a destination when it’s really a way of living. What we lust […]

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Blog 004! Treaty Talks

A modern view on Maori. By Mana Williams. 10-15 Minutes  Historically, there has always been an imbalance of power. In cases where the consideration for the individual is considered less important than the concerns of the many. But when you bring it back to its roots what does the Treaty of Waitangi really stand for? Waitangi […]

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Blog 003! A Bitch or An Idiot?

Is it time for more structure? By Mana Williams. 13-16 Minutes  Here goes… When Senators and Judges come to a collective agreement on the misappropriated policy enforced by a governing administration, you know something is up. With global leaders rallying to dispute travel bans as ‘questionable’ and in more extreme cases ‘racist.’ You can imagine […]

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