Blog 046 Why Don’t We Trust Homeless People To Live On Our Streets – But Trust A Random Person To Uber Us Home?

By Mana Williams  15 Minutes Some people live their lives homeless because it’s the lifestyle they understand. However, there is a space for recognizing that homelessness is a systemic issue. An unwillingness to accept that homeless people exist and that it isn’t some urban myth. This chat focuses on the expression of homelessness. We will […]

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Blog 040 Social Stigma 

By Mana Williams Eade   20-25 Minutes Today’s lengthy chat is about social politics but looks at identifying the key relationship differences between making a judgment call by stigmatizing versus giving a person special treatment. With a few examples and with relevance in the hopes of evaluating a little bit more about the massive dust cloud […]

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Blog 032 Behind Already! 

By Mana Williams 12 Minutes  Late nights trying to damage control unfinished assignments due in the next morning, trying to find time to meditate or exercise because your day is stressing you out. Tissues in washing machine woes and broken dryers making you go bankrupt. This chat just takes a look at why I’m feeling […]

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Blog 030 Living In Wellington

By Mana Williams 20 Minutes  “Cuba Street is where you trip on a latte and land in a tattoo parlor.” – Peter Wood, Architecture Professor. With its bureaucratic corporate wear and it’s Courtney Place nightlife, the alternative trends, and Student Ville lifestyle, multi-cultural vibrancy, Wellington must be the most sprightly place in New Zealand. Looking […]

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Blog 028 The Weekend

By Mana Williams 20 Minutes I visited Auckland this weekend, headed to the Coromandel Peninsula for a quick getaway and a catch up with some friends. The whole occasion though was mostly spent offline. Which for most people of my generation is completely taboo, which I feel is stupid. So this chat is in discussion with […]

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